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The Unteachables

The Unteachables

Gordon Korman

The Unteachables, by Gordon Korman, is funny, sweet, and although extreme, has a lot of good messages weaved throughout. The story takes multiple points of view, each one in different chapters. The Unteachables are a group of kids who are “too far in to be helped.” There’s Parker who can’t read, and has a driver's license. Kiara who wandered into the class and never left. And who isn’t even registered in this school. Aldo who is always angry. Barndoor who was the star of the school and broke his leg, and was then thrown to the side. All with great personalities, and different problems. That all can be solved if someone just cares for two seconds. The problem? No one wants to care.

In a sabotage attempt, Mr. Kermit is sent to teach The Unteachables. Mr. Kermit was once an ecstatic, caring, and amazing teacher. But unfortunately, after a scandal that happened in his classroom, he must now live with the public’s opinion of him. He’s just waiting out the years he can retire, and disappear from the world.

The Unteachables isn't just a book for kids, who will find it funny. This book is also for adults. People who sometimes just needs to see what life can do to you. And most importantly, what can save you. Like all of Gordon Korman’s books, this book is a story full of humor and compassion for his delightfully human characters. It’s a story full of what seems like real people. They do crazy things. They rebel, they make mistakes, they get in trouble and get others in trouble. They also get themselves out of trouble. The characters are beautifully written, each one being genuine and having heart. This book is perfect for teachers who want to teach their students about character arches. Each character in the story has an arch of who they are, and their mindset.

Grade Level:

- Suggested: 3rd-5th

- Advanced: 2nd

- Genre: Realistic-fiction

- Key Elements: school, students

- Possible Themes: People change, sometimes the worst things can become a blessing.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Happy Reading!

-The Book Lover-

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