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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I am an 9th grader who would love to help parents and teachers with selecting book for their children. I read books of all grade levels and size. I hope you enjoy my posts and my reviews.



I try my very best to post every week, each of them being a book review. Unfortunately, on the weeks where I have busy schedules, I cannot finish the book I am reading. 



At the bottom of each book review, I have the grade level of what I think the book should belong in. I also write what genre and key elements the book is about. Sometimes, I write ideas what lessons or things you can teach/learn in the book. I try my best to have a short and brief summary of the book. If you want a more in-depth summary, you can email me, and I will give you a more detailed idea. I try to have a summary on one paragraph and another of my opinion and what I think about it. 


I want to help parents and teachers who can't decide what books to buy or read to their children. I also want to help kids like me who sometimes have no idea what to read. I read books of all ages, from 2nd grade level, all the way to young adult. I want to show the opinion and thought of a child. I truly hope that my opinions will help with finding books. If you have any books you want me to read, or do a book review about, you can email me at 


You can also click the "CONTACT US HERE" to find our email!


Happy Reading!

- The Book Lover @thebooklover_contact via Instagram


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